Terroir and Beyond with Rhys Pender MW - A SENSE OF PLACE

Terroir and Beyond with Rhys Pender MW - A SENSE OF PLACE

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Okanagan based Master Of Wine, Rhys Pender, delivers an in-depth webinar discussing the elusive topic of sense of place in wine or Terroir. What is it and why does it matter? Where do you find it and more questions are answered.

This webinar is not specific to 1 wine region and is relevant for anyone, anywhere on the globe.

What to expect from this webinar series

  • You'll get a 30 minute in-depth seminar on the sense of place in wine - including all aspects of growing and winemaking that can affect it. 
  • Discuss manipulated/made wines vs. those with a sense of place
  • Learn about wines and regions that are known for their sense of place
  • Discuss the tricky term: complexity
  • Receive a detailed course handbook

This webinar bundle is for you if:

  • You have an intermediate + level of wine knowledge.
  • You love exploring different styles of wine
  • You want to learn more about where your wines come from
  • You enjoy food and wine pairing
  • You work in the wine or restaurant industry and want to level up your game

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