About Us


Okanagan Wine Club started in 2013 when we found one man in a garage, doing his best to make just a few barrels of great wine. His name was Tyler Harlton. We tried his wine, loved it and told his story to folks across Canada.


Why stop there? A few more wineries, stories and wine packs shipping near and far --OWC was born. 


Now, we are a rag-tag team of 7 -- a visionary, a coder, two sommeliers, a wine judge, and videographers! We wear many hats, and really, we just want to share our love for the Okanagan, wine, and community with you!


Join us to get the inside scoop on historic vineyards, young winemakers breaking with tradition, experimental winemakers, classic vintages, collectibles and more. 


We share what we see and learn in our own words. We taste the wines and give it to you straight - no PR shenanigans here. You can learn something cool. Maybe pick up a pack and support a great Okanagan business. 


Dive a bit deeper and rock some Okanagan Wine Club swag. Take a digital class. Have a wine night with friends. Find new flavours and pairings!


We want you to have that "Aha" moment with wine. Join us!