Essential Vine and Vineyard Maintenance - Spring It On!

Essential Vine and Vineyard Maintenance - Spring It On!

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Brett Thiessen, winemaker and viticulturalist at Foolish Wines, shares the details of what happens in the vineyard before the buds burst and the summer growing season begins. There is a lot going on in wine regions before the summer tasting season. Brett will share tips and techniques for getting the vines ready to produce top quality fruit.

This early part of the season is a great time to visit wine country as few producers will be sold out of their top wines and you'll often find the winemaker or vineyard manager in the tasting room (multitasking!). 

This webinar will help you see and experience wine regions in the off season and it's also great advice if you have a few vines of your own or a flourishing table grape vine in your yard!


What to expect from this webinar: 

  • This is a 30 minute, in-depth class on vineyard preparation in the early spring
  • Learn about cane and spur pruning techniques
  • Compare trellising methods
  • Best mulching techniques
  • How to tie your vines
  • Analysing your soil
  • Cover cropping
  • Irrigation and water retention

This course if for you if: 

  • You love to learn about wine!
  • You want to learn more about where your wines come from
  • You love to visit wine regions and learn more about them
  • You love to garden and grow your own food
  • You own a small vineyard that you tend yourself
  • You  own a small vineyard and contract your grapes out to a winery
  • You work in the wine or restaurant industry and want to level up your knowledge


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